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 Dear EBN Members,

EBN is seeking an expert for a possible long term mission within the framework of a Europe Aid project in Ethiopia for which one of our partner is preparing the proposal.

The general specifics required for this position are:

  • Master's degree or
    PhD and several years work experience;

  • Experience in designing,
    setting up and managing a business incubator
    or innovation center;

  • Experience in capacity
    building or training
    , EU procedures and SMEs experience

  • Experience in agribusiness
    will be an asset;

  • Experience in
    developing countries (specially in Africa) will be an asset.

The last two points are not however compulsory.

The duration of this activity should be 4 years and the LTE has to spend in Ethiopia at least 75% of the time.

Please, let us know as soon as possible if any of you or your contact maybe interested.

In case, we need a short CV or profile.

Contact : Raffaelle Buompane, EBN Consultant, Raffaelle.Buompane@ebn.eu

Best Regards,

Nathalie Marchand

Communication Manager

European Business & Innovation Centre Network

Av. de Tervueren 168, B - 1150 Brussels

Phone +32 2 761 10 84 / Fax +32 2 772 95 74

email : nma@ebn.eu 

website http://www.ebn.eu

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